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hi friends,

We gotta say, we’re very excited you’re here - welcome! Every interaction we have with new people fills us with a great, big dose of gratitude so thanks for stopping by.

About us – what you came here to learn, right? Not too long ago we found ourselves on a lake with a kayak, some music and two paddles. Having simultaneously hit a tipping point in our careers, we were paddling to stir up creativity and zest, pondering what our next big play would be.

Right there – at the end of a long channel – we decided to join forces, start a marketing consultancy together, and become a huge success over night.

A gal can dream, right?!

Okay, so that didn’t exactly happen. What happened was we left the lake with grand plans to create greatness together and then promptly let life get in the way. We moved to different cities to pursue different jobs and put our grand idea on the shelf for one year later.

The good news? It’s one year later. Ta-da!

Welcome to our new adventure – to what our energy and skills can create together! We believe in collaborating, moving forward, and always heading north – professionally and personally - this is where the heart is.

Let’s go #ConfidentlyNorth together,

Lauren and Meredith